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My office makeover, using Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of keeping the ‘chi’ (energy) flowing. Katie Rogers took me by the hand and led me on a fun journey, helping me see the problem areas and the easy solutions.

BEFORE  – Smessy officeee how my desk chair faces into a corner? And the gold ‘earth’ color walls dam the flow of energy and money. Trust me, this is not ideal for a home office!




BEFORE  – I was a stacker.  Office - No creative flowEach project was in a neat pile, but my energy was constantly being pulled from one task to another.  (ugh) So hard to focus. I felt scattered. No wonder I avoided being in my office.



AFTEROffice - AFTER (2)

See the ‘water’ color walls? The paint is Artesian Well by Martha Stewart Living, at Home Depot. I took everything out of the room and only put back what supports me and brings me joy. Do you like the watercolor I did of an elephant family?

Now my office is like a 3-D vision board.

It feels great to have my desk chair face the front door of our house.  Katie, my Feng Shui goddess, calls this the Command position. And the leafy green tree is in the ‘money corner’ of the room.

I hung a crystal in the window so rainbows dance across the walls all morning. Pretty. Now I love-love-love being in my office and my creativity (and finances) are thriving. Yay for Feng Shui!

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A friend of mine just called and told me this story.

She walked out her front door and was stopped in her tracks by the wild screech of a hawk. She loves hawks. She looked up, down, and sideways to catch a glimpse of the bird. She was determined to find that hawk. No hawk could she find.

She tilted her head slightly and spied, perched high on a telephone wire, a small mockingbird. Pretending with his full-throated chutzpah to be…a hawk. Who knows? Maybe in that moment he felt himself to BE  a hawk.

Three minutes before, my friend had been absolutely certain. If I know one thing, I know what a hawk sounds like. The mockingbird, just for show, cocked his head and looked at her as if to say Gotcha.

Young ones seem to approach life with what Zen teachers call ‘beginner’s mind’. Assuming they don’t know everything already. Their viewfinder is wide — allowing in more light, more possibilities. What discoveries could be waiting for us older ones, just beyond the hawk’s cry?

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