This message from a coaching client came to my inbox today, 

She gave me the go-ahead to share it with you.

Lee, may I sit in the confessional for a minute? No, nothing really horrible, just embarrassing.


I’m trying to tie up loose ends before I leave on a long trip. I’ve been going through paperwork.  Straightening, cleaning, organizing, tossing, filing, giving away.

Completing paperwork is not my best habit.

I found three envelopes from American Express. Two looked like bills, and the other one looked like a letter. I was mortified – but not totally surprised.  A part of me wanted to look the other way, to stuff it, ignore it. I couldn’t even remember using that credit card in months. It’s my emergency card.

I was so mad at myself for not opening the envelopes. I didn’t even want to open them up. Didn’t want to face my lack of organization. I decided to get it over with quickly – like ripping off a band-aid.

I got the checkbook, wrote out everything but the amount, got the stamps, then opened the first envelope gingerly. Just enough to see the amount so I could get it over with quickly. The amount was zero.


So, I opened the next envelope. It was negative  $147.10. I guess I had overpaid at some point. Then, with my stomach not feeling quite as bad, I opened the third envelope. Inside I found a check to me for $147.10.

I ripped up the check I’d written, then ripped up the ‘bills’.

Okay, dear ones – there are so many goodies in this story. For starters…

  •         Getting organized has hidden rewards.
  •         Who I am is not determined by the areas I think need improvement.
  •          Stop assuming the worst about myself. If I don’t do that to other people, why do it to myself?

Think for a moment about something you’re blaming yourself for.

Is there any good reason to keep yourself on the hook?

What might happen if you applied a homeopathic drop of forgiveness (aka LOVE) to it?