This weekend, I spent the day at a big outdoor party. There were lots of kids hoola-hooping, doing cannonball dives into the lake, and chasing fireflies.

I was fascinated to see a gaggle of extremely active children become mesmerized by an adult who was willing to be child-like.   A man in a big straw hat sang an improvised song I’m not lyin’ – I’m a lion as he walked around the yard.  With no toys or gadgets, the kids jumped and squealed for an hour, trying to capture his make-believe lion’s tail.


Enthusiasm is a remarkable quality.  It can seem cooler and smarter to be detached or critical. It’s certainly much easier and safer to adopt that sort of ironic attitude.

But enthusiasm is more fun. Enthusiasm is energetic, positive and generous. It’s unselfconscious and whole-hearted.

When is the last time you were willing to be kind of goofy?