In a local book group, we are reading Women, Food and God – An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything by Geneen Roth.

Roth writes about a retreat she was leading: I asked each person to look in a mirror and tell me what they saw. The litanies of judgments were all very similar. “I can’t stand what I see.”

My body and I are one. There is nothing good about my body and therefore there is nothing good about me.

I asked them to look beyond the color and shape of their eyes and remember what it was like to be a child before they began to label and name the objects in their world. What it was like to see an extravaganza of form and color before they knew it was a rose and could compare it to other roses.

After we discussed last month’s chapter “Beyond What’s Broken” the women in book group gave ourselves a homework assignment: Go home and look at yourself in the mirror for 1 minute each day. Write down any thoughts that come to you. Repeat every day for 30 days.

This seemingly simple task was surprisingly difficult. Some of the women reported that they never look in the mirror. Others said they tried, but gave up. It’s too disheartening to hear the critical tapes running in my head, they said.

I’m curious. Why do we hate to look at ourselves in the mirror? Where does this critical voice come from and why do we listen, let alone hold lifelong conversations with it?

A friend sent me a short video that sheds light on the self-judgment so common to women. I wonder, iss this an issue for men too?

Click here. I hope it helps you take a peek into a new way of seeing yourself.

~~  Challenge this week ~~

Be courageous. Look at your face for 1 minute. Write down what you were thinking during those 60 seconds. Believe me, I know how hard this can be.

Leave a comment here, telling me how this went for you.  I appreciate you for trying it!