You turn the page or click over to the coming week and there it is. A big white rectangle.

Nothing scheduled on that day. Nada. With a sharp inhale, you thumb through your mind searching for the appointment you’ve surely forgotten to write in. Dentist, lunch date, sports practice, report due, haircut? Ack…this can’t be right!

You begin to feel a tickle of anticipation. Can it be true? On that day there’s nothing you must do…nowhere you have to be.

An entire day to follow your nose. A day to do what YOU like. A day to pull the covers up over your head and snuggle in for a long snooze. Just you with yourself, enjoying a nice, peaceful day together.

Send the guilt trip packin’ while you linger over coffee, get lost in that new book you’ve been saving and nap on the couch. Eat cheese and crackers and a pickle for lunch. Doodle on a note pad. Take a bubble bath in the middle of the day. Order out for dinner.

Every now and then it’s good to bask in a  no-goals-for-me-thanks day.  Go ahead. You deserve it.