To say “thank you” as my first response.

I’ve decided I want to practice this new behavior until it becomes a habit.  Especially if the situation didn’t go my way. Didn’t go the way I thought it should go.

What difference would it make to my life if my first response were “thank you”? When my husband is “supposed” to pick me up and he’s late, so I have to wait 15 minutes? What difference would it make if, instead of blasting him (where WERE you?!), my first words are “thank you”. And what if, even before he pulled up at the curb, I was thinking “thank you”…

“thank you” that I have someone who is willing to walk to the car and come back to get me

“thank you” that I am free from pain right now

“thank you” that I have time to sit still and notice the people walking by